Listen Up: The Breaks – Honey

'Honey' is the opening track of 'The Breaks' debut EP, released on the 28th July. 

Just like the other three numbers on the EP, 'Honey' is driven by Niall's mardy vocals, supported by an anthemic band sound. The opening drums are soon accompanied by an energising, hazy guitar hook, combined with distorted, rhythmic whirrs. A romanticised vibe is emitted through the lyrics, as the words "You're warm just like sunshine, I wanna bathe in you" echo into the second verse.

Guitar music has taken some bizarre turns over recent years, so it's refreshing to see 'The Breaks' showcase how to deliver a solid band tune without over-complicating things.

Being based in Manchester, it's easy for new artists to be heavily influenced by the likes of Oasis and The Courteeners, but 'Honey' has a positive uniqueness to it that sets the band apart from other newcomers to the Manchester indie-rock scene.

'Its All Disco' chatted with the young outfit to find out a bit more about the track.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics to 'Honey'?

"It's just about a girl being on your mind constantly, but then again not being sure whether you really do like them at all. Classic case of cyclical thinking. Lyrically it's the simplest song."

How did the idea for the music video form?

"We knew we wanted an old fashioned 8mm look, so we just went out, got drunk and took some footage over the course of a few nights. We wanted a very natural vibe to it, which I think we managed."

Do you think having the video is important for the band, in terms of progression?

"Yeah, I think people are much more inclined to watch something than listen to something."

What's next for The Breaks?

"Our first gig is at The Castle in Manchester NQ, 2nd September. Also on the agenda is to record another single in the next few weeks."

Debut EP 'Misery' is out on Spotify now.




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