Track Review: Jake Bugg – How Soon The Dawn

Jake Bugg released his new song last week, as we move closer to the release of his fourth studio album.

The Nottingham-born songwriter revealed his new single ‘How Soon The Dawn’┬áto the public on 4th August, shortly before announcing his next album, titled ‘Hearts that Strain’, will be released 1st September.

The dreamy new single is a refreshing listen for fans. It seems the Jake Bugg that first hit the scene is back. Yet ‘How Soon The Dawn‘ comes with an aura of maturity, something that Bugg has never lacked, but can always be built on with age.

At just 23 years old, the singer has had to grow fast, putting out three studio albums between 2012-2016.

Album number 3, ‘On My One’, fell short…like, really short. There were too many styles in one record. The title track was very well written, styled in typical mardy Jake Bugg fashion. ‘Gimme The Love’ resembled some of the rock influenced sounds we had a glimpse of in ‘Shangri-La’. The final track of the album ‘Hold On You’ was full of bluesy hooks, whereas Bugg’s country roots shone through in ‘Livin’ Up Country’ and ‘Put Out The Fire’. If that wasn’t enough, ‘All That’ had the soulful, ballad-like songwriting and delivery similar to most of his debut album.

It’s not to say that they are bad tracks as such, they just didn’t fit together. The result was a fairly bog-standard album that failed to meet the hype.


The music to ‘How Soon The Dawn’ does admittedly sound a little like you’ve been left on hold, or just stepped into a lift in Harrods…but it seriously works. The hazy hooks emit vibes of long, hot, summer days in the boiling sun. Jake Bugg’s sound is rather special, and here we see a much more mellowed, less harsh take on the stripped back, acoustic sound.

It feels like he’s let his natural talent really come to light again. No pressure, no rush. Just a great song that flows beautifully, from the settling electric rhythm guitar to his distinct vocals.

Bugg has also announced an acoustic tour for the Autumn, again signalling the new venture will be less band- orientated, less- rock, and more of the acoustic, emotive, moody songs that he’s almost perfected.


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