Listen Up: M60 – Talk

Our ‘Listen Up’ for this week comes from upcoming Mancunian quartet ‘M60’.

Following on from 2016’s release ‘Honey’, M60 unveiled latest single ‘Talk’ back in May this year.

‘Talk’ kicks off with an upbeat, catchy riff, drawing instant similarities to early Catfish & the Bottlemen, however as frontman Matthew Morton’s vocals kick in rife with Northern twang, we hear the creativity shine through.┬áThe track bursts with energy and passion, building up to a heavy end hook.

Fans will appreciate the raw, honest lyrics, as they depict a one night stand. The song-writing process appears to have come naturally for the young band. “The lyrics are based around a one night stand. It started with ‘riddled sheets of last nights antics’ and the rest just kind of felt right after that.”

Manchester continues to produce hugely talented, exciting indie- rock bands, and ‘M60’ are no exception.

See the video for ‘Talk’ below.



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