Listen Up: Moonlands – Shake I Shook

Indie-rock quintet ‘Moonlands’ have released a video for new single ‘Shake I Shook’.¬†

The track was released last February, on their self-titled EP.


In ‘Shake I Shook’, the opening synth builds up into a funky hook that remains prominent throughout the song, keeping the wavy rhythm flowing. Full of jangly riffs and hazy, summery undertones, Moonlands add a new dimension to the indie-pop genre.

The 80’s aura that is ever-present in the EP has inklings of the work of Jaws, Swim Deep & Wolf Alice in it, but Lucy Elliott’s unique, yet haunting vocals give the band a whole new sound.

The five-piece outfit, consisting of Lucy Elliott, Joel Frosh, Joel Brooks, Ayumi Konno and Buster Stonham, had this to say on how the song came about:¬†The song emerged from a jam using the synth chord bend that you hear at the start of the track. It was written very collaboratively, with Lucy improvising vocals at a practice and then bringing lyrics to it later. We also then started messing about with an e-bow for the end section, which helped bring out a psychedelic¬†sound.”


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